Tulip Card Holder

Cute and Fun Tulip Card Holder Keychain Crochet Pattern

Tulip Card Holder

Hi there!

I really love tulips, both real ones and crochet ones, and when I wanted something to keep my bus card on my key ring I decided to make a little tulip card holder key ring. It adds a little bit of fun to the card holder and it’s useful! You can carry your bus card around with you and have easy access to it!

It uses crochet thread like my granny square placemat and simple coaster patterns! Can you tell I have a lot of the crochet thread left over? Hehe

Let’s get started!

Materials: Tulip Card Holder

Crochet Thread or Lace Yarn
2.00 mm Hook
Tapestry Needle

Note: The numbers in the brackets represent the number of stitches in the round.


CH – Chain
SLST – Slip Stitch
HDC – Half Double Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
SK – Skip
SC – Single Crochet
BLO – Back Loop Only
FO – Finish Off

Tulip Card Holder

Pattern: Tulip Card Holder

Using the main colour.

Ch 20.

Round 1: HDC in 2nd chain from hook. HDC until you reach the last stitch. 3 HDC in last. HDC down the other side. 2 HDC in last ST of round. (40)

Round 2 – 8: HDC around. (40)

Change to green thread.

Round 9: SLST into 1 HDC from previous around and colour change at the same time. HDC around. SLST to first HDC. (40)

Round 10: Chain 3. DC in same ST. Ch 1. SK 3. *(DC, CH 1, DC in next st). CH 1. SK 3.* Repeat around. SLST into second ST of chain 3 from the beginning of the round. Finish off with green.

Change to pink thread or flower colour.

Round 11: Attach pink into Ch 1 space of dc “v”. Chain 2. DC 4 times into the same stitch. Remove hook from loop. SLST the CH 2 and the last DC together. Chain 3. DC 5 in next CH 1 space. Remove hook from loop. SLST the first DC and 5th DC together. Chain 3. Repeat around. (10 flowers)

Round 12: SLST to the centre of the first flower and switch to the main colour at the same time. HDC into the centre of the flower, HDC 3 around chain 3 from previous round. Repeat around. (40)

Round 13 – 18: HDC around (40)

Tulip Card Holder

Round 19: HDC 19. CH 1. SK 1. HDC 19. SLST into next. Chain 18. (You can attach the jump ring here). SLST into same ST.

Round 20: SC into the BLO until the CH 1 space from the previous round. SC into the two STs of space in the BLO. SC into BLO until you reach the loop. (39). SC 1 into each chain of the 18 STs for loop. FO.

Attach jump ring at the end of before you SLST the chain 18 in round 19.

Complete! I had a lot of fun designing this tulip card holder keychain pattern and love to see it on my keys everyday, adding a bit of my crocheting to my everyday routine! I love that I can carry my bus card around on my keys and don’t have to go searching for them in my bag. You can make the flower and holder any colour that you would like!

Big fan of tulips? Check out my pattern for the tulip basket, tulip applique, or the tulip cross stitch pattern that is part of my temperature cross stitch freebie! Can you tell that I quite like tulips?

Happy Stitching and leave a comment below if you have any questions!


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