• Simple Crochet Coaster

    Simple Crochet Coaster with Colour Pattern – Crochet Thread

    I had some crochet thread that I haven't used in years and didn't want to get of it, because you never know! hehe So here is a simple crochet coaster with colour pattern! This does require a 2.00 mm hook so it might take little longer than usual to complete but I think it is quite nice with that little splash of colour for the border.

  • Home Sweet Home

    FREE Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch Pattern – Wi-Fi Details with Alphabet, Numbers, and Symbols

    I haven't posted a cross stitch pattern in a while since I have been crocheting away. This Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch pattern was recently in my shop but the listing expired and I decided to update it a little bit with a section to put your Wi-Fi information on it if you would like! This pattern is very beginner friendly and it includes the alphabet, numbers, and symbols you will need to make your own! No more looking up your Wi-Fi password when guests come over! Hooray!

  • E-Reader Case Crochet Pattern

    Easy E-Reader Case Crochet Pattern

    Welcome to another free crochet pattern blog post! This time I will be sharing an e-reader case crochet pattern that you can customize to fit your e-reader. My e-reader is the Kobo Aura H2O (measures: 6.8 by 5.1 by 0.3 inches (HWD)), but you can adjust the pattern by changing the number of beginning chains to fit your e-reader.

  • Hooks Holder

    Fun Yarn Scraps Hooks Holder Crochet Pattern

    When I moved my desk to a new location I started crocheting more and I had all my hooks all over my desk. I was sitting and looking at a toilet roll cardboard insert and the idea struck me to make a little hooks holder with yarn scraps! You can even add a little patterned paper on the inside to make the toilet roll cuter too.

  • Simple Phone Purse

    FREE Simple Phone Purse Crochet Pattern

    This pattern for a simple phone purse has a special stitch in between the rounds of single crochet to add a little bit of fun to the bag. The cluster stitch is simple as well once you realize it is just a bunch of double crochets crocheted together.

  • Cute Egg and Tulip Applique

    Cute Egg and Tulip Applique Crochet Pattern – Spring Bunting

    Hi! This post will feature the cute Egg and Tulip Applique. I have just used a few colours, but you can change it up and have them be any colour/colours you want! For this pattern I used Paton Astra yarn, which I find very easy to use, but you can use any DK yarn you have on hand. Let's get started!

  • Clover and Irish Blessing Blackwork

    Crafting Traditions: Free Clover and Irish Blessing Blackwork Pattern

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! I was trying out a cross stitch pattern for a four leaf clover, but I really struggled to picture it in my head and then using the pattern software to make it. I then decided that I would just try to make one with Blackwork and add an Irish Blessing at the bottom for a nice little project. You could use this framed or as a card for a housewarming gift. Here is the Clover and Irish Blessing Blackwork pattern as a card for example.

  • Crochet Gradient Egg

    FREE Crochet Gradient Egg Pattern – Easter Decorations

    With Easter almost here, I wanted to share another egg pattern I made with some leftover Loops and Threads yarn I had from making Christmas ornaments with. This crochet gradient egg is a fun pattern because you can make one side with one colour and the other side with another. Then finishing it off with a nice contrasting colour for the colour.

  • Crochet Easter Egg

    Easy Crochet Easter Egg Pattern – Spring Decor Three Ways

    With Easter a month away, I have been trucking along figuring out some crochet Easter egg patterns to share. After I discovered how wonderful it is to use DK yarn to make amigurumi's with, I have been using it non stop in my pattern designs! It creates a much softer look and it curves nicer than some thicker yarns when you are making more detailed items.

  • Four Leaf Clover

    Easy Four Leaf Clover Crochet Pattern

    It is almost St. Patrick's Day and some of you may have seen the reel I made for this Four Leaf Clover Crochet pattern, but I thought I would also share this as a written pattern on the blog as well!