• Cloud Bag Charm

    Darling Cloud Bag Charm Easy Crochet Pattern

    Hi there! I have been seeing so many different cute crochet bag charms recently that I wanted to try designing a cloud bag charm myself! Some of my most favourite artists are etm.studi0 and kukkacrochet! They are so creative! This pattern came when I was making a video tutorial on the half double crochet and I just kept playing around with the pattern. This pattern lets you practice the HDC and a shell stitch for the cloud puffs. If you are more of a visual learner, you can follow the video tutorial that I linked in this post or you can head over to my channel. I was just think…

  • Granny Square Placemat

    Classic Granny Square Placemat Crochet Free Pattern – Circle

    It's summer time here and I finally have the energy to write out some blog posts for some patterns I've made a while back! First up is this cute crochet granny square placemat. I used Aunt Lydia's Crochet Thread for this pattern, but you can use any crochet thread or lace yarn. The pattern will showcase doing the granny square pattern in a circle, which I think turns out quite nice.

  • Simple Crochet Coaster

    Simple Crochet Coaster with Colour Pattern – Crochet Thread

    I had some crochet thread that I haven't used in years and didn't want to get of it, because you never know! hehe So here is a simple crochet coaster with colour pattern! This does require a 2.00 mm hook so it might take little longer than usual to complete but I think it is quite nice with that little splash of colour for the border.

  • E-Reader Case Crochet Pattern

    Easy E-Reader Case Crochet Pattern

    Welcome to another free crochet pattern blog post! This time I will be sharing an e-reader case crochet pattern that you can customize to fit your e-reader. My e-reader is the Kobo Aura H2O (measures: 6.8 by 5.1 by 0.3 inches (HWD)), but you can adjust the pattern by changing the number of beginning chains to fit your e-reader.

  • Hooks Holder

    Fun Yarn Scraps Hooks Holder Crochet Pattern

    When I moved my desk to a new location I started crocheting more and I had all my hooks all over my desk. I was sitting and looking at a toilet roll cardboard insert and the idea struck me to make a little hooks holder with yarn scraps! You can even add a little patterned paper on the inside to make the toilet roll cuter too.

  • Simple Phone Purse

    FREE Simple Phone Purse Crochet Pattern

    This pattern for a simple phone purse has a special stitch in between the rounds of single crochet to add a little bit of fun to the bag. The cluster stitch is simple as well once you realize it is just a bunch of double crochets crocheted together.

  • Cute Egg and Tulip Applique

    Cute Egg and Tulip Applique Crochet Pattern – Spring Bunting

    Hi! This post will feature the cute Egg and Tulip Applique. I have just used a few colours, but you can change it up and have them be any colour/colours you want! For this pattern I used Paton Astra yarn, which I find very easy to use, but you can use any DK yarn you have on hand. Let's get started!

  • Crochet Gradient Egg

    FREE Crochet Gradient Egg Pattern – Easter Decorations

    With Easter almost here, I wanted to share another egg pattern I made with some leftover Loops and Threads yarn I had from making Christmas ornaments with. This crochet gradient egg is a fun pattern because you can make one side with one colour and the other side with another. Then finishing it off with a nice contrasting colour for the colour.

  • Crochet Easter Egg

    Easy Crochet Easter Egg Pattern – Spring Decor Three Ways

    With Easter a month away, I have been trucking along figuring out some crochet Easter egg patterns to share. After I discovered how wonderful it is to use DK yarn to make amigurumi's with, I have been using it non stop in my pattern designs! It creates a much softer look and it curves nicer than some thicker yarns when you are making more detailed items.