Basket Crochet Pattern

FREE Tulip Basket Crochet Pattern – For Spring and Easter

Basket Crochet Pattern
Basket Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern for a Tulip Basket: Perfect for Easter and Spring

As spring unfolds, bringing Easter along with its vibrant blooms and renewed life, what better way to celebrate than by creating a beautiful, handcrafted tulip basket? This free crochet pattern is not only a delightful project for those who love to crochet but also a wonderful way to welcome the essence of spring into your home. Whether you’re an avid crocheter looking for a seasonal project or a beginner eager to try something new, this tulip basket crochet pattern is perfect for all skill levels.

Introduction to the Tulip Basket Crochet Pattern

The tulip basket crochet pattern is inspired by the bright and cheerful tulips that symbolize spring and renewal. This Easter-themed basket is designed to be both decorative and functional, making it an ideal centerpiece for your Easter brunch or a charming addition to your spring decor. Its versatility extends beyond the holiday, serving as a delightful holder for your essentials or a unique gift basket filled with treats and goodies.

Materials Needed: Basket Crochet Pattern

To begin your tulip basket, you will need the following materials:

  • Yarn: DK yarn in four colors: one for the basket and three for the tulips. For the basket, a natural or earthy tone works best, while bright pinks, reds, or yellows are perfect for the tulips, with green for the stem.
  • Crochet Hook: A size 3.25 mm (D) crochet hook
  • Other Supplies: You will also need a yarn needle to weave in ends, a pair of scissors, and a stiffener (optional) if you want your basket to have extra support.


CH – ChainMR – Magic RingFO – Finish Off
SC – Single CrochetSK – SkipBLO – Back Loop Only
SLST – Slip StitchDC – Double CrochetST – Stitch
HDC – Half Double CrochetYO – Yarn Over

Cluster stitch: *yo, insert hook, yo, pull through two.* Repeat until have 3 loops on hook. Yo, pull through all 3 loops. Ch 1.

Crochet Pattern Overview

Start with brown yarn (Basket colour)
Round 1: 6 SC in MR (6)
Round 2: Inc (12)
Round 3: Inc (18)
Round 4: Inc (24)
Round 5: Inc (30)
Round 6: Inc (36)
Round 7: Inc (42)
Round 8: Inc (48)
Round 9: Inc in BLO (54)
Round 10-11: SC around(54)

Change to green yarn with SLST into 1st from previous.

Round 12: Ch 1. SC in same and around.
Round 13: SLST into 1st SC. CH 3. DC into same. CH 1. *SK 2. DC, Ch 1, DC in next. Ch 1.* Repeat around from * to *. FO.

Attach pink yarn to CH 1 any of the “v” from round 13.

Round 14: CH 3. DC 4 in same space. Take hook out of loop and SLST top of CH 3 with last DC. CH 2. Change to yellow yarn. *DC 5 in next CH of the “v”. Take hook out of loop and SLST 1st DC with last DC. CH 2. Change yarn colour.* repeat around.

Attach brown yarn to the centre of the first tulip.

Round 15: SC 1 in same stitch. SC 2 in CH 2 space between each flower. *SC 1 in centre of tulip. SC 2 in CH 2 between each flower.* Repeat around. (54).

*Note: make sure to SC around both strands of the flower colours from the colour change when doing the 2 SC to hide them.*

Round 16 – 18: SC around (54)

Round 19: HDC 2 in 1st SC. SLST in next. *HDC 2 in next. SLST in next.* Repeat around. (27 shells)


Leave tail for sewing. Chain 3.

2 DC in first chain. Turn. CH 2. Cluster in space left in CH 2. Turn. *Ch 2. Cluster in CH 2 space from previous. Turn* Repeat until desired length. (Mine had 22 clusters total, including the first and last cluster)

For last cluster: Do it until there’s 3 loops on hook and then YO pull through two loops, yo pull though the last two loops. FO. Leave tail for sewing.

Basket Crochet Pattern

Finishing Touches: Basket Crochet Pattern

Once the basket and tulips are assembled, add any finishing touches you desire. Consider lining the basket with a pretty fabric for a polished look or adding a bow for an extra touch of charm.

Tips for Success

  • Yarn Choice: Using a cotton or a sturdy acrylic yarn will help your basket hold its shape better.
  • Stiffener: If you want your basket to be more rigid, consider using a fabric stiffener on the finished basket before attaching the tulips.
  • Personalization: Feel free to customize the colors of your tulip basket to match your decor or personal taste. Adding more tulips or creating a multicolored effect can make your basket even more unique.


This free crochet pattern for a tulip basket is a wonderful project to welcome spring and celebrate Easter. It combines the joy of crochet with the beauty of the season, resulting in a charming and functional piece that’s sure to brighten any room. Whether you’re making it for yourself or as a gift, this tulip basket will bring a touch of handmade warmth and springtime cheer to any setting.

Remember, crochet is not just about following a pattern; it’s about putting a piece of yourself into what you create. So, grab your crochet hook and let your creativity bloom with this delightful tulip basket. Happy crocheting, and may your spring be filled with joy, renewal, and plenty of crafting!


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