Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern

FREE Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern – Tulips & Daisies

Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern

Introduction: FREE Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern

Embark on a colorful stitching journey through the seasons with our Free Flower Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern. This pattern brings the beauty of nature and the intrigue of temperature tracking into your home. Perfect for stitchers of all levels, this design offers a unique way to commemorate a year’s weather in a bloom of colors. And the best part? It’s free to download! Yay!

What is a Flower Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern?

A Flower Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern is an innovative craft project that combines the traditional art of cross-stitching with a modern twist. Each row or petal of the tulip or daisy in the pattern represents a specific temperature range, translating the year’s weather into a floral masterpiece. It’s a creative way to document the year’s climate, stitch by stitch and at the end of the year you will have a nice piece of art filled with memories to hang up on your wall!

Why Choose Our Free Pattern?

  1. Creatively Captivating: Each stitch is a colorful record of your local or chosen location’s temperature.
  2. Suitable for Everyone: Designed to be straightforward and enjoyable, this pattern is great for both novices and experienced stitchers.
  3. Therapeutic Crafting: Engage in a relaxing hobby that results in a beautiful piece of art.

How to Access Your Free Pattern

Gaining access to your free flower temperature cross stitch pattern is a breeze. Simply sign up with your email, and we’ll send the pattern directly to you. As a bonus, you’ll also receive helpful stitching tips and first dibs on new patterns.

Note: If you calculate the average for your calendar and it is not a whole number (ie: 8.5). You can round it up (9) or down (8), whatever you prefer!

Materials You’ll Need

  • Quality Aida cloth
  • A variety of embroidery floss colors
  • A sturdy needle
  • Scissors for precision cuts
  • An optional embroidery hoop for ease of stitching

Your Stitching Adventure Awaits

Our detailed guide will help you kickstart your project effortlessly. You’ll select colors based on temperature ranges, and each flower will bloom into a delightful representation of the climate. For this pattern, you will need 13 colours total, this will include the colours for the leaves, and backstitches. If you would like a more distinct calendar, you can try narrowing the temperature ranges and include more colours. It is entirely up to you!

Join Our Stitching Community

We’re excited to see your progress and final creations! Share your journey on social media using #Jesscrafting and #2024flowertemperaturecrossstitch. Connect with fellow crafters, exchange tips, and find inspiration in the community’s shared projects.


This is more than just a cross-stitch pattern; it’s a year in blooms, a personal story told in colors and threads. Sign up now for your Free Flower Temperature Cross Stitch Pattern and add a personal touch to your crafting collection. Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift, this pattern is a celebration of creativity and nature’s beauty.

I can’t wait to see all your finished calendars at the end of the as I stitch it along with you all! Remember, it is a not a race, you can stitch this at your own pace and even if you fall a bit behind, it will still look lovely once you finish and you can hang it up on your wall.

Happy Crafting!



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