Crochet Sock Pattern

Simple Cozy Crochet Socks Pattern

Crochet Socks Pattern

Introduction: Crochet Socks Pattern

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I have always wanted to making some crochet socks and create a pattern for it. I recently did that and made some basic crochet socks that keep my feet warm! This pattern is simple and my first sock pattern so there may be some mistakes! Please let me know if there are any!

This pattern can be adjusted to fit most foot sizes. This flexibility is achieved through simple adjustments in stitch count, yarn thickness, and hook size. By altering these elements, the pattern can be scaled up or down, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit for everyone, from small children to adults. This customization makes crochet socks a highly practical and appreciated handcrafted item, as they can be tailored to suit individual needs and preferences, guaranteeing both comfort and style for any wearer.


5.00 mm (H) Hook
Worsted Weight Yarn (about 210 yards or 192 metres)
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Marker



SC – Single Crochet
MR – Magic Ring
ST – Stitch
SLST – Slip Stitch
SC2TOG – Single Crochet Two Stitches Together
CH – Chain

Written Pattern: Crochet Socks Pattern

Round 1: 6 SC in a MR (6)

Note: Place stitch marker at the beginning of round 2 and work in rounds instead of connecting each round.

Round 2: 2 SC in each ST from previous round (12)
Round 3: *1 SC, then 2 SC in next stitch* Repeat from * to * around (18)
Round 4: *1 SC in the next 2 STs, then 2 SC in next stitch* Repeat from * to * around (24)
Round 5: *1 SC in the next 3 STs, then 2 SC in next stitch* Repeat from * to * around (30)
Round 6 – 32: SC around (30)
Round 33: SC around. SLST into 1st ST. Turn (30)
Round 34: CH 1. SC in the same ST as SLST. SC into next 19 STs. Turn (20)
Round 35 – 46: CH 1. SC into next 20 STs. Turn (20)
Round 47: CH 1. SC into next 20 STs. SLST into 2 layers when the sock is folded (20)
Round 48: CH 1. SC into 12 STs. SC2TOG. SC into next 10 STs. SC2TOG. SC into next 12 STs. SLST into 1st ST (36)
Round 49 – 56: CH 1. SC into same ST as the CH 1. SC around. SLST into 1st ST (36)
FO. Leave long to sew hole in the heel. Weave in ends.

Note: My feet are about a Size 5.5/6 North American so you can increase or decrease after or before Round 5 to make a wider and narrower sock. For a longer or shorter sock you would do more or less rounds of Rounds 35 – 46.

Crochet sock patterns, diverse and accessible, cater to all skill levels, from simple designs for beginners to complex ones for experts. They allow for creativity with various yarns and colors, resulting in personalized, functional footwear. These patterns are popular in the crafting community for their practicality and therapeutic crafting experience.

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