Simple Phone Purse

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Simple Phone Case


If you are in the crochet world, you will have noticed that many people have designing and using phone purses. I had made one for a notebook recently, but decided to make a new design for a simple phone purse version. This is a very simple pattern that is perfect for beginners and you can make them to give away as gifts!

This pattern for a simple phone purse has a special stitch in between the rounds of single crochet to add a little bit of fun to the bag. The cluster stitch is simple as well once you realize it is just a bunch of double crochets crocheted together.

Simple Phone Purse

Materials: Simple Phone Purse

  • 5.00 mm (D) and 3.125 mm (D) Hook
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Lion Brand Pound of Love)
  • Stitch Marker
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Button

Abbreviations: US Terms

ST(s) – Stitch(es)SK – SkipFO – Finish Off
DC – Double CrochetCH – ChainSC – Single Crochet
BLO – Back Loop OnlySLST – Slip Stitch

Cluster stitch: *yo, insert hook, yo, pull through two.* Repeat until have 5 loops on hook. Yo, pull through all 5 loops. Ch 1.

Pattern: Simple Phone Purse

Chain 15.

Round 1: 2 SC in 2nd. SC down the chain. 3 SC in the last CH. SC down other side of the CH. 1 SC in the last ST. (30)

Place Marker

Round 2: SC in BLO around. (30)
Round 3 – 20: SC around. (30)
Round 21: SLST into first SC. Chain 2 and then do a cluster stitch in the same stitch. *SK1. Cluster in next.* Repeat around. (15 clusters)
Round 22: SC into CH 2, *SC into CH 1 space. Then SC into top of Cluster Stitch.* Repeat around. (30)
Round 23 – 27: SC around. (30)

At the end of Round 27 do an invisible join to the first SC.

Row 28: Turn. CH 1. SC into same ST. Then in the next 6 STs. Turn. (7)
Row 29 -30: CH 1. SC across. Turn. (7)
Row 31 (for the button hole): CH 1. SC in next 3 STs. CH 2. SK 1. SC in next 3. Turn.
Round 32: CH 1. SC in next 3 STs. SC 1 in CH 2 space. SC in next 3 STs. SC 4 down side of flap. SC around the pouch edge. SC 4 up side of flap. (37)

FO with invisible finish off.

Simple Phone Purse

CH 3 (leave tail for sewing). Cluster Stitch in 3rd chain from hook. Turn. *CH 2. Cluster Stitch in CH 2 from previous the row. Turn.* Repeat until desired length.

I have already made two of these for my friends and I think they look they look quite cute! I may try making up a pattern for tulip phone purse after making these simple phone purses.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

Happy Stitching!


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