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Poirot Cross Stitch

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I am here with another design for a cross stitch project. My friend’s birthday was coming up and she loves Detective Poirot and I wanted to make her something so I decided to find a cross stitch pattern online. I couldn’t find anything that I wanted to make at the time so I designed my own little Detective Poirot inspired cross stitch pattern. I  used the wonderful website Stitch Fiddle to design this pattern and used the letter patterns that are available in the Stitch People book for the quote. You can find the pattern on Stitch Fiddle through this link. I was not able to include the lettering as it is copyrighted, but I definitely recommend purchasing the book if you will be cross stitching a lot and would like to make personalized portraits. If you do not want to purchase the book, you can try out the many different types of cross stitching fonts you can find online. I have left space in the pattern to fit in the quote, but if you use larger lettering you may need to include more space in between the mustache and the pipe.

I used the following quote for this particular project:

“It is the little grey cells,
mon amis,
on which one must rely”

– Detective Poirot (Agatha Christie)

I love creating these special little projects for friends! Using cross stitch you can create so many different portraits that can be big or small and will feel like a one of a kind present. Enjoy cross stitching this little Detective Poirot portrait.

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