Knitted Scarf Pattern (Contrasting Colours)

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This week I want to share the pattern for the second knitted scarf I made in the UK during my vacation. This one isn’t an infinity scarf like the previous pattern, but it is worked up quickly and if you like the look of the scarf you can sew the ends together to make an infinity scarf. I used the same needles and yarn for this project because I like how quickly I can finish knitting it.

Here’s the Pattern:

10.0 mm (Size 15) Needles
2 Skeins of Super Bulky Yarn (I used Loops and Threads in Mushroom and Moss Green) (82 metres ((90) yards) each)
Tapestry Needles

CO – Cast On
K – Knit
P – Purl

CO 16 Stitches.
Row 1: K1, P1. (16)
Repeat Row 1 until you are happy with the length of the scarf.
For the one I made, I just knit each colour until I finished up the skein of yarn.
Cast off. Weave in ends.

This is a very simple pattern that can be completed very quickly. I like how the contrasting colours turned out and since there are many different colours to choose from, there are many combinations of colours that would look nice together.

Ravelry Pattern Page:

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