Crochet Kitchen Scrubbie

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I listed a new item in my Etsy store recently and today I want to share the pattern I used to make it with you 🙂 I always see people crocheting scrubbies, but haven’t really found out what the material they used was until I watched a video on Staci’s VeryPinkKnits Youtube Channel about Kitchen Scrubbies. She mentions that she found her materials at a fabric store so I went to one near my work to find some. Turns out they are made with nylon netting and I found some for cheap that was already cut into a 3.81 cm (1.5 inch) wide roll. I was very exited to take this home and try it out.

I decided to make one side of the scrubbie with the nylon netting and the other side with acrylic yarn. I have also made one with cotton yarn on the other side 🙂 Once again I used Adele’s Circle Pattern with some adjustments.

Here is the pattern I made:

Nylon Netting (cut into workable stripes)
6.00 mm (J) Hook
Acrylic or Cotton Yarn Worsted Weight
Tapestry Needle

(MR) – Magic Ring
(SLST) – Slip Stitch
(CH) – Chain
(ST) – Stitch
(DC) – Double Crochet
(BLDC) – Back Loop DC

For Nylon Netting
Round 1: CH 3 in MR and 11 DC around. SLST into CH 3. (12)
Round 2: CH 3, DC into same ST. 2 DC in each ST around. SLST into CH 3. (24)
Round 3: CH 3, DC into same ST. (DC into next, 2 DC into next) around. SLST into CH 3. (36)
Round 4: CH 3, DC into same ST. (DC into next 2, 2 DC into next) around. SLST into CH 3. (48)

For Cotton Yarn
Follow the same steps as Adele’s Retro Circle.

For Acrylic Yarn
(Note: You may not have to do this extra round if your acrylic yarn is on the thick side. Just compare the sizes of the circles and adjust as needed)
Follow the same steps as Adele’s Retro Circle and continue as follows.
Round 5: CH 1, SC around. (48)
FO. Leave long tail to sew to sides together.

Using the long tail hold the two sides together and weave yarn in and out of both layers. I did it around two times around so it would stay together while washing dishes.

Finished! 🙂

These would make a great housewarming gift or just to use at home and it can be made with a little bit of material.


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**Please do not claim or sell this pattern as your own. You are allowed to sell the finished products that you make yourself, but I would appreciate it if you linked it back to my pattern page**


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