My First Cross Stitch Project

Hi Everyone!

It is always fun to try out a new craft and find out you really enjoy it! Today I want to share with you my very first cross stitch project. I had gotten some cross stitch kits before, but always thought it would be really hard to do. Then I saw some other mini cross stitch kits on my trip to the UK at their Hobby Craft store and decided to finally give it a try. This little kit is small so it will be finished quickly and if you are just starting out, it won’t scare you away. Cross stitching is really relaxing and something I want to do when I am not crocheting or knitting.

Here are the project pictures:

The instructions for this project are pretty clear, but I did look up some beginner videos on the basics of cross stitch while I was starting the project. I also think that I have a lot to learn and am really excited to try something a little harder and maybe a little bigger for my next project.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at jesscrafting[at]

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  • Hannah

    Hi JessicaI came across your post on Instagram, it looks fab for your first ever cross stitch 🙂 I just thought I would offer a little tip though for centring your work so it is easier for you to frame or display in a hoop once finished to show off your hard work. Most aida fabrics in projects come folded into quarters to make it easier to find the middle of the cloth and then some charts have an arrow at the top and one at the side for u to follow to find the middle stitch to match up to the centre of the aida, from there u can stitch from the middle out or if u prefer to start with the edges of the pattern you can count outwards from the centre cross 🙂 good luck with your future cross stitch projects.

    • Jessica

      Hi Hannah!
      Thank you so much for stopping by my blog to leave me a tip! I have definitely realized my mistakes! 😀 For my next project I will follow your instructions and maybe it won’t turn out so one-sided. Thanks again!


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