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Bi-Weekly Pattern Share

Bi-Weekly Pattern Share

Hi Everyone!

I was thinking of doing a post every other week about the different patterns that I have tried or want to try. I am always on ravelry, craftgawker, and facebook looking for different patterns that I want to try. There is always amazing things that I see that inspire me to craft :) This week I will start with 3 patterns that I have tried recently and completed :)

First up is this cute apple dishcloth. I love it! So much fun to make with small amounts of cotton yarn. I saw this pattern on The Crochet Crowds’ video post on facebook. My cousin is moving into a new apartment soon so I thought it would make a good housewarming gift if I made some household items :) They suggested using one colour for the apple so it would look like a whole apple so I decided to do that because I didn’t have the right colour for the inside.

Here is my creation from the apple dishcloth pattern found on ravelry:

Isn’t it cute? If you know someone that is moving into a new place soon you should definitely make them some or just make them for yourself :P

The next patterns I want to share are actually patterns from a blog that I frequent a lot. It is Sarah’s blog Repeat Crafter Me. She has so many amazing free patterns that I use all the time. If you have kids her blog is the perfect place to get ideas. This past week I made two things from her crochet patterns page. A tiger hat that I just made into a cat hat, and a frog hat :) Both were really easy to make and I loved how they turned out!

Here are the results:

You should definitely give her patterns a try. They are easy to follow and everything is so cute!

The final pattern I wanted to share is a work in progress project. I’ve wanted to make a blanket with squares for a while now and saw this cute pattern on Adele’s blog Three Beans in a Pod. It’s a simple pattern that forms a circle and then a border that makes it into a square. Easy! :) I’ve only made around 20 square so far so it will still be a while before I finish, but here are some progress pictures:

Those are the patterns for this bi-weekly pattern share. You should definitely give them a try! I will be back with more patterns that I am trying out or want to try out in two weeks! See you then! 

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Take care,

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