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Crochet Rose Bag Pattern

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to share my completed rose bag that I wrote about in a Bi-Weekly Pattern Share. Once I finished the base, the rest of the bag felt like it was completed quickly. I think my bag turned out larger than the pattern cause I used a thicker yarn than the pattern said to use.

I decided to use three colours since I wanted to use it a lot. I used Caron Simply Soft, so there were a lot of colours to choose from. I wanted to use it up cause I got it from a yarn sale at Michael’s last year. Hooray for yarn sales!

I got the pattern from Make It Coats’ website and I only made one adjustment to the pattern. I wanted to make the area around the straps stronger so I repeated the pattern instructions for the holes for the straps on the inside flap of the bag to make them match. Then I don’t have to worry about carrying heavy items 🙂

Here are my results:IMG_0237IMG_0241IMG_0242

As you can see I did more rows of the darker colour since I always put my bags on the ground and didn’t it to get dirty that quickly. In the future I want to possibly add a lining and a pocket and maybe separate sections in the bag so I can use it as my project bag…not that I don’t have enough of those already.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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