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Bi-Weekly Pattern Share

Hi Everyone!

Time to share some patterns again! I am sharing a pattern I used for an order that was a lot of fun to make, a project I completed that I am giving away, and the final pattern I want to share is something that I really wanted to make, but made it with the wrong kind of yarn so I unravelled it 😦 Lets get started!

The first pattern I am sharing is from Sarah’s Repeat Crafter Me Blog and it is a Minnie Mouse hat. I used the instructions for the Ninja Turtle Hat (also on her blog) since I was making a toddler size. I just changed to the pink yarn after 10 rows. It is really cute and I love how it turned out. I cut out little circles instead of using white buttons since I didn’t have any. It was a really quick project and makes the perfect gift if you are running in a hurry.

Here are my results:


I also made some adjustments for the ears and bow so it would fit the dimensions of the toddler hat.


Round 1: 12 DC in MR. SLST. (12)

Round 2: CH 2. 2 DC in each DC from previous round. SLST. (24)

Round 3: CH 1. 1 HDC in each DC around. SLST. (24)

Finish off.

For the Bow, I chained 23 instead of chaining 16 and I used a DC instead of HDC. I followed Sarah’s pattern for the structure of the bow and just had to attach the felt circles afterwards. For the dots, I used white felt and cut out 23 circles.

This was a really fun pattern to make, and I recommend you try it out!

The second pattern I want to share is a infinity scarf that I made as a present. I used Brenda’s pattern that I found on her Ravelry page. It is written in UK terms, so a treble crochet is actually a double crochet in US terms. This was an easy and quick project that looks really nice.

Here are my results:


Doesn’t the texture look great? Try making your own 🙂

The final pattern I want to share is my incomplete/unravelled project.  The pictures of the completed place mats found on Purl Bee’s website are really nice. I will definitely try this again when I have the right yarn. I think it will add a very nice touch to a place setting on the dinner table. As you can tell I used the yarn from this failed project for the cowl 😛 and also for the bag I just finished making. I posted about it in another pattern share, but will be posting pictures of the completed bag soon!

Here are my results for the place mat:


I was almost finished, but it started looking weird and curling. I will try making it again using thinner yarn next time 🙂 Enjoy!

Those are the projects I’ve been working on. What about you? Share them in the comments below!

Thanks for visiting my blog!




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