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Bi-Weekly Pattern Share

Hi everyone!

It’s been another couple weeks and I have started another few projects…typical…I can’t work only one project at a time it seems 😛 I am going to share a project that I completed a long time ago, but had a lot of fun doing. Another project that I have completed a while ago was a present for a friend that I haven’t been able to give yet. The final pattern is a cowl that I made this week.

The first pattern share are patterns for sushi! I love eating sushi and had a request from someone to make them cute sushi rolls for their friend. I found patterns for different types of sushi on Joy’s The Craft Frog blog. They were easy to follow and in the end I made eight pieces of sushi. I also used the pattern on Karla’s Ravelry page for the shrimp/ebi sushi.

Here are my results:



Both patterns were easy to follow and I added little faces (with help from my sister) to make them a little more cheerful.

The second pattern I want to share is a amigurumi pattern of a unicorn. I found the pattern on Rachel’s Sheep Dog’s Fleece blog. My friend wanted a unicorn with lavender hair so I made it with lavender yarn instead of the rainbow hair that is on Rachel’s unicorn. I think I may have made too many pieces of hair cause the unicorn that I completed looks very top heavy 😛 I probably used too thick of a yarn for the hair. Will have to remember that for next time.

Here are my results:


I also made followed the body pattern for the head so there are two body parts and no head parts haha, but I could not be asked to redo it…one of those projects, but I still think it looks cute 🙂

The last pattern is a pattern on found on Hilary and Jessica’s Domestic Bliss Squared blog. It is a simple cowl pattern that can fit a child or an adult, but because it has the triangle pattern, it gives it a fun look. I completed it over a few hours and am really happy with how it turned out!

Here are my results:


Another project on the laptop shot 😛 I love how it looks! I made this as a present and still have to add the bow, but I might make another one for myself once I finish some of these other projects I started.

These are the patterns for this bi-weekly pattern share. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting my blog!




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