Bi-Weekly Pattern Share

Hi Everyone!

It’s time again for another pattern share post. Have you tried the patterns that I posted last time? I hope you did and enjoyed them. This week I am sharing patterns that I have done recently and from a long while ago when I first started to crochet 🙂

First up is a knitting pattern of baby socks. I love making socks, but it always takes me so long to knit anything that I don’t do it that often. This time I thought it would make me finish quicker if I made baby socks 😛 I finished in two weeks, which is pretty fast for me. The pattern I used is found on ravelry by Judy. Even though I finished relatively quickly I still had a little time in between the making of each sock so one sock is slightly bigger than the other. The second sock is always my problem…Even still, I think it the pattern creates a very cute pair of baby socks 😀

Here are my results:

Easy pattern to follow and is a little more interesting than the usual stockinette stitch sock patterns.

The second pattern that I want to share this post is a collar pattern. Lots of people are wearing them these days because it adds a cute look to an outfit. It was a quick and easy pattern to follow that I finished in an hour or so. I found the pattern on Shara’s blog Shara Lambeth’s Design. I gave it to my cousin cause I think she will use it more than I will. The ravelry page for the pattern can also be found here.

Here is the collar that I made:

It will add a little bit of a cute look to shirts or dresses that need a little bit of a change. Enjoy making your own today!

The final pattern I want to share is a crochet mountain pillow that my cousin wanted me to make for her. I didn’t have the right yarn that the pattern called for so I held two pieces of worsted (4 ply) yarn together and crocheted them as a single piece. I found the pattern on Jill’s ravelry page, here. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would because of how large the hook was, but I eventually finished. You can make separate mountain peaks or have one pillow with three peaks 🙂 The pattern also allows you to decide when you want to stop so the pillow can be as big or as small as you want. I really like how the pillow turned out even though it took me a while to finish.

Here are my results:

Isn’t it great? I think this will add some interest into any living room. Enjoy making your own 🙂

Those are the patterns for this bi-weekly pattern share. Go and try them today! Enjoy!


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