Crochet Slouchy Toque/Hat Pattern

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I want to share with you a pattern for a slouchy hat today. I have been obsessed with Adele’s circle pattern from her blog Three Beans in a Pod. I love the look it gives when you double crochet from the back loop only that I had to make a hat from it. Originally I was following Tamara’s pattern on her blog Moogly, but I think the yarn I was using was too thick so it didn’t slouch right so I decided to combine the structure of Tamara’s pattern with the look of Adele’s pattern to make a hat.

5.5 mm (I) Hook
Craft Smart Grey Yarn (Worsted Weight Yarn (4 : Medium))
Tapestry Needles

(SC)  – Single Crochet
(FO) – Finish Off
(CH) – Chain
(BLSC) – Back Loop Single Crochet
(BLDC) – Back Loop Double Crochet

I followed the structure of Tamara’s All Grown Up Striped Slouch Hat, but only working in back loop only instead of the back post. This follows the same concept as Adele’s Retro Circles. So it was BLDC for all the rounds except round 17, where I did BLSC instead. I followed these steps and finished off. I tried to follow the steps for the trim, but I can never do that type of trim properly so I decided to try another way of doing it.

CH 9
Row 1 – 70: SC in second CH from hook and till end. Turn. CH 1. (8)
Connect Row 70 to Row 1 by using BLSC. CH 1.
SC around the circumference of trim (70)
FO. Leave a long tail (enough to sew trim onto bottom of hat)
Attach trim onto the bottom of the hat by weaving the tail in and out of the SC around the trim and the SC from the bottom of the hat.

Done 🙂

I love combining different ideas together to make something new. Enjoy!

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**Please do not claim or sell this pattern as your own. You are allowed to sell the finished products that you make yourself, but I would appreciate it if you linked it back to my pattern page**

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