Crochet Minion Slippers Pattern

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It is time for another crochet pattern! I know a lot of people that are fans of minions from the Despicable Me movies so I decided to make some for my friends. I haven’t watched any of the movies, but everyone always says that love it so I might have to watch them soon 😛 This pattern was made easy because of Tanya’s Crochet Slippers pattern on her blog, Little Things Blogged. She has many lovely patterns that I have used in the past 😀 Go check them out! For this pattern you will need 6 different colours of yarn, but for the eyes you will need small amounts for each section of the eye 😛

4.25 mm (G) Hook
Worsted Weight Yarn (Yellow, Blue, Brown, White, Grey, and Black)
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Marker

I followed Tanya’s pattern for the most part except I added more rows for the heel of the slipper. For her pattern she stopped after row 25 for the length of the slipper, but since my friend has larger feet I continued it until row 30. My friends feet are about 23.5 cm long so around a size 7 shoe size (Canada/US). If you would like to make bigger or smaller slippers just increase or decrease the number of row 25s there are in your pattern 😀 As is stated in on Tanya’s blog, if you would like to make wider slippers, just adjust the number of increase rounds you have. Increasing the number of row 6 rows you do will increase the length of the toe portions of the slipper 

Make sure to use the yellow yarn for rows 1-12 and then for row 13 and the rest of the slipper, use blue yarn 😀

Using Tanya’s pattern, complete the slippers so that it fits the person you are giving it to or yourself 😛 Once your pair of slippers are complete its time to make the eyes and hair for the minions! Here is what I did to make the eyes 🙂 I used the beginning of the pattern to make the eyes and cut some black yarn and attached it to the “head” or toes of the slipper 🙂

Row 1 (Brown): Chain 2 and 6 HDC in second chain from the hook (6)
Row 2 (White): 2 HDC in each HDC from previous round (12)
Row 3(White): 1 HDC then 2 HDC in next sc around (18)
Row 4 (Grey): 2 HDC then 2 HDC in the next sc around (24)
Goggle Band(Black) Chain 20 Row 1: HDC in second chain from the hook and then across

Cut 2 or 3 lengths of black yarn around 15 cm long and tie it to the top of the slipper :D.

Sew goggle band onto slipper, then sew eyes onto slipper


Enjoy making these cute minion slippers! 😀

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