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Sweetheart Bunny Pattern

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the fall weather 🙂 The leaves are turning yellow and falling over here on the Westcoast of Canada. I just went on a forest walk to identify some trees for school. It isn’t too cold since the sun is out and there are a lot of hikers around 🙂 It’s almost Halloween and then it will be Christmas! My favourite holiday!

On today’s post I wanted to share Stephanie’s Sweetheart Bunny pattern from her All About Ami blog. You will probably see me blogging about a lot of her patterns since I like them so much 😛 Her pattern is great, but I must have crocheted the bunny a little too loosely because I ended up with a very big sweetheart bunny 🙂 My sister also made one, but she did it with the correct tension and it is much smaller. Either way I like the resulting giant sweetheart bunny 🙂

I gave it to my boyfriend’s niece for Christmas last year and I wanted to share it with you all 🙂

Here are the pictures of my big sweetheart bunny and a picture comparing it to the one my sister made 😛

Sweetheart Bunny4

Sweetheart Bunny1

Sweetheart Bunny2

I hope you enjoy making your own sweetheart bunny, not matter how big or small it is 😀




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