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Nautical Knot Headband Pattern

Hi Everyone!

Time for another crochet project! This time it is a very quick and simple nautical knot headband. I have made these in many different colours and its something that can be easily made for a last minute present 🙂 The pattern is from Cami’s You Seriously Made That Blog. All you need is just some yarn, some ribbon, and a hot glue gun!

This pattern only requires chaining 2 strands of yarn. One long one and one shorter one. Easy Peasy! Once that is complete, it is time for the knot. The pictures on Cami’s blog post illustrate the different steps that are required to make the knot. It may look confusing at first but following the pictures step by step, the knot is formed 🙂 So go on and try it out! Make lots so there is always something on hand if you need a quick present to give someone 😛





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